Do my Life 101 in 1001 from 1/01/08 to 9/28/10 and keep track of how I’m doing!

Note: Completed items will be red and ongoing items started will be green.

  1. Post on blog daily through 2008 and beyond
  2. Achieve and maintain goal weight
  3. Establish workout routine and stick to it for 6 weeks (then re-establish and do it again)
  4. Health maintenance – do the “age/gender” test and checks
  5. Re-visit Will and update (trust/multi-generational?)
  6. Take inventory (photo, serial #’s) for insurance purposes
  7. Build emergency fund of $10K
  8. Use Quicken for financial planning (update weekly)
  9. Pay all bills on time
  10. Do my Art 101 in 1001 with my arts & craft activities!
  11. Get the papers in order: Living will and other emergency documents
  12. Read and release – – at book a month
  13. Read 101 books and write a review
  14. Play Scrabble or Gin on a regular basis (at least once a week)
  15. Plan meals and shop from a weekly list
  16. Perform chore list every day
  17. Take 101 things to Goodwill
  18. Learn something new each week: Economists, Science News, Smithsonian, independent research
  19. Visit all 50 state – collect the quarters and share photos
  20. See a Broadway play
  21. One cultural event every 100 days
  22. Museums – make a list of 35 and go see them
  23. Bet $100 on red in Las Vegas
  24. Go to a Comedy Club
  25. Host a wine tasting party
  26. Deep clean one room every 100 days
  27. Make a list of 101 words/phrases to learn in Welsh and learn them
  28. Make a list of 101 words/phrases to learn in German and learn them
  29. Make a list of 101 words/phrases to learn in French and learn them
  30. Embrace GTD with control and perspective
  31. Invest in a socially responsible stock
  32. Re-upholster studio chair
  33. Celebrate 25th anniversary with style! Plan how & where – include a family portrait
  34. See the Capital Steps live and in person
  35. Do a random act of kindness every 100 days
  36. Figure out my 100 thing Challenge
  37. Do puzzle each Sunday morning on NPR
  38. Be informed enough to make smart decision in the 2008 elections
  39. Buy or make everyone’s Christmas gift prior to Thanksgiving
  40. Become informed/conversant in one “progressive” cause that isn’t directly tied to gender or sexuality
  41. Give at least 40 hours of solid volunteer work to said cause
  42. Identify products that are cruelty-free, fair trade, and have good labor reputation… be more “green” – do something each week.
  43. Take a class with spouse
  44. Go to a spa for a week or two!
  45. Visit the puffins on their on turf
  46. Take a trip by train
  47. Invest in property
  48. Create a list of 101 things that make me happy
  49. Preparedness – make sure have what is needed per Red Cross recommendations
  50. Attend a “Rocky Horror Picture” show (be prepared to participate!)
  51. Go somewhere to the fireworks on the 4th of July
  52. Do at least two New York Times Crossword puzzle each week
  53. Movie Watching (Film Movement/Netflix/other): make list & set goal
  54. TMI – Tuesday Martini Invitational (try a new martini recipes the third Tuesday of every month )
  55. Have a “theme” dinner party with friends every 100 days
  56. Try three new recipes each month
  57. Develop wine IQ
  58. Drink a bottle of Dom Perignon for no reason
  59. List books on and participate in discussions
  60. Expand technical expertise: CSS, HTML, Java, Photoshop, etc
  61. Know political ideology (be really well informed on issues and have a strong opinion – stay tolerate and open-minded)
  62. Serious understand the purpose of each of the 27 amendments to the constitution and be constitution savvy
  63. Develop a list of the dog friendly hotels for traveling
  64. Trim TV consumption: watch only off of Replay
  65. Week long challenges: List them and do them… 15 total
  66. Month long challenges: List them and do them….12 total
  67. Go to a live auction, bid on something, and win!
  68. Create a fun list and do something from it each week (~143 things…repeats? YES 0/143)
  69. Create and follow a budget for 6 months
  70. Work my way through A Year of Living Consciously.
  71. Go Geocaching
  72. Attend an outdoor music festival
  73. Visit Germany – plan itinerary
  74. Buy art from an artist every 100 days
  75. Pay Myself First: Daily – $5 for Exercise
  76. Pay Myself First: $100 for each pound lost during the 1001 days
  77. Fly 1st Class or Business Class International
  78. Celebrate birthday with style
  79. Celebrate someone else’s birthday with style
  80. Romantic Get Away every 100 days
  81. Romantic Weekend at a 5-star hotel
  82. Purchase: Dining table and chairs
  83. Purchase: Kiln
  84. Purchase: Wacom Pen tablet – received as XMAS gift 2007
  85. Purchase: Family Room furniture
  86. GTD Project: De-clutter the entire house!
  87. GTD Project: Front yard
  88. GTD Project: Safe
  89. GTD Project: Paperwork (including addresses, calendar of dates)
  90. GTD Project: Garage
  91. GTD Project: Computer Room
  92. GTD Project: Studio
  93. GTD Project: Backyard
  94. GTD Project: Attic
  95. GTD Project: Organize CD’s – rip them, catalog, wish list
  96. GTD Project: Organize DVD’s – catalog, store, wish list (use IMDB)
  97. GTD Project: Photos – archive, digital file & manage
  98. GTD Project: Wardrobe makeover
  99. GTD Project: Do “spring cleaning” of the computers
  100. GTD Project: Do something new every month (approx. 33)
  101. Make the next list.






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