Fun list: Go Ahead, Do them more than once!

  1. Go to a Drive-in movie
  2. Play a round of miniature golf
  3. Spend the day or evening listening to live music
  4. Go bowling
  5. Have a picnic
  6. Fly a kite
  7. Write in wet concrete
  8. Learn to identify 12 constellations (a new one each week for 12 weeks)
  9. Send a secret to PostSecret
  10. Build a sandcastle
  11. Go see a movie at Cinetopia
  12. Play bingo
  13. Learn to play darts
  14. Watch the sun set at the coast
  15. Watch the sun rise at the coast
  16. Adopt a pontiki
  17. Visit a waterfall
  18. Learn to play poker
  19. Go to a poetry reading
  20. Play pool at a pool hall
  21. Go listen to live Jazz
  22. Order something from ThinkGeek
  23. Go fishing
  24. Have a fire and roast marshmallows
  25. Pick blackberries
  26. Brainstorm a realistic list of 100 ways to make $1,000,000.00
  27. Be Lazy…wear PJs all day New Years’ Day… go figure!
  28. Have a candlelit dinner
  29. Plant a dogwood tree
  30. Work on a jigsaw puzzle – stay up all night if we have to
  31. Design a t-shirt (Threadless)
  32. Make limoncello and keep a bottle in the freezer.
  33. Play with bubbles
  34. Compile a list of “I can’t believe I haven’t see yet” films and watch them
  35. Visit the zoo
  36. Have coffee at Pike Place Market
  37. Bake someone a birthday cake
  38. Have a chocolate Fondue party
  39. Update Amazon wishlist
  40. Make pizza on the grill
  41. Go to the aquarium
  42. Reward good service with 100% tip
  43. Make popcorn the Alton Brown way
  44. Have a manicure
  45. Have a pedicure
  46. Go to the Art Gallery in Tacoma
  47. Put a bit of theory into practice
  48. Recreate a passage from a novel
  49. Watch a great thunderstorm
  50. Start a fire without matches
  51. Go for a boat ride
  52. Take a midnight stroll around the block
  53. Go for a ride on a set of swings
  54. Witness the Sandhill Cranes return to Nebraska (Feb/Mar)
  55. Have an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista Café in San Francisco
  56. Go to the library and browse through magazines
  57. Cook with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
  58. Hang the hammock and just lie in it.
  59. Have a beach sojourn – morning walk for shells, afternoon kite-flying, and a moonlit stroll.
  60. Live in the moment
  61. Find more interesting music
  62. Write a letter of thanks relating to good customer service
  63. Write a letter to a politician
  64. Soduko challenge at Starbucks
  65. Paint something red
  66. Play backgammon in the park
  67. Walk the wetlands
  68. Feed the ducks
  69. Use evite to plan a get-together
  70. Peel some grapes.
  71. Recreate a scene from a movie
  72. Stroll along the Riverwalk
  73. Play Go Fish – best of 15 hands.
  74. Door stroll – while walking around take pictures of Doors and document (place/time/location)
  75. Play pinball at an arcade
  76. Buy a $100 bottle of wine and drink it
  77. Start a rock collection
  78. Pick something outdoors and photograph it every hour for 24 hours
  79. Make something out of papier-mâché
  80. Make balloon hats
  81. Make a house of cards – try to use all 52
  82. Make S’mores
  83. Make crust-less mini quiches to freeze
  84. Make suet for the birds each winter
  85. Go whale watching
  86. Buy one piece of taffy and split it
  87. Go out for dessert
  88. Find a nice piano bar
  89. Make a great tiramisu
  90. Have an Asahi with sushi
  91. Dress up and go to the opera
  92. Donate money and my name put on something
  93. Attend at least one major sporting event
  94. Pay a visit to a great junk store
  95. Dye some eggs
  96. Tackle one junk drawer
  97. Create a post that says “If Not Now, When?”
  98. On Labor Day weekend take 15 minutes to write down all the things you wanted to do but didn’t get around to (revisit this list in May)
  99. Share what I am thankful for with others on Thanksgiving
  100. Listen to Christmas music for no reason
  101. Write a love letter and mail it
  102. Play backgammon at a coffee house
  103. Buy flowers for someone
  104. Shoot a roll of Black& White film
  105. Sell something on ebay
  106. Go shopping at Ikea
  107. Leave money for a stranger
  108. Make someone laugh
  109. Visit Crater Lake
  110. Make a list of restaurants to try within 120 miles – Try some!
  111. Watch the very first episode of the West Wing
  112. Send someone an anonymous gift
  113. Make marshmallows
  114. Make a CD of “East of the Sun” renditions
  115. Dance to “our” song
  116. Dare yourself to take one small risk
  117. Say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards
  118. Collect 101 quotes
  119. Go. Be. Do.
  120. Try not to speak for one whole day
  121. Create a Skybell tag/logo
  122. Write a letter to your “future” self and mail it (read it in 10 years)
  123. Find and share a piece of poetry
  124. Spend the day taking pictures of only red things
  125. Go to a paint store and collect chips of all your favorite colors
  126. Write a haiku
  127. Read a book in one day
  128. Practice patience
  129. Create a map of your favorite sitting spots in town
  130. Make our own postage stamps
  131. Try some place new for lunch out of town
  132. Send fun postcards to friends
  133. Have a lunch date to try a new restaurant in town
  134. Create a list of favorite Third Spaces
  135. Discover a new third space
  136. Do something nice for a stranger
  137. Practice compassion
  138. Write a letter to someone you admire
  139. Get something at World Market
  140. Own one absurd piece of cookware with only one inane purpose
  141. Make sushi rolls
  142. When feeling down or sad, find something to smile about – no matter what!
  143. Drink a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape

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