It makes sense to keep track of how I’m doing in getting this list done. One time things will be marked red when they are completed, ongoing activities will be green once they are started (then red when complete) and every 100 days I’ll keep a summary of what I’m working on and how it’s going. Hopefully this will insure that I will stay focused on managing the list until everything is done!

Insanity… I am trying to work two 101 in 1001 list. One for my “day-to-day” life and the other for my “arts & crafts” activities.

Every 100 days summary:
1/1/08 to 4/10/08:

12.25.07 – I got the 9″x12″ Wacom Pen tablet for Xmas. Cool.  Played Scrabble with family. Low key but lovely time.

12.22.07 – Technically the clock hasn’t started yet but I’m doing the set up work so I figure anything I do counts! I’ve think I’ve finally got both lists drafted and they are looking okay. I do want to go through them one more time and see if I can make sure that they are challenging and specific.

4/10/08 to 7/19/08
7/19/08 to 10/27/08
10/27/08 to 2/4/09
2/4/09 to 5/15/09
5/15/09 to 8/23/09
8/23/09 to 12/1/09
12/1/09 to 3/11/10
3/11/10 to 6/19/10
6/19/10 to 9/27/10
Last day 9/28/10


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