Why am I going to Draw?

October 30, 2006

It seems that whenever I begin a new project I find myself at the computer typing words into the Google search engine. I call it research – it’s usually just procrastination. I should be getting my supplies together. Surely I have a sketchbook somewhere and pencils, sharpener, eraser – but instead…

I listened to an interview this morning with Peter Steinhart, the author of The Undressed Art: Why We Draw. I haven’t seen the book and the interview was from July of 2004 but it’s pertinent to where I am now and the challenge that I am about to undertake. He talks about drawing as a way of seeing and when we are young we begin drawing symbols – circles with lines radiating out of them. As we continue to draw, six lines become four and more circles represent eyes and soon we have stick figures. Returning to drawing as an adult, we may continue to draw symbols or stick figures but with more essence, more nuance, more detail and in such a way that we are learning to “see” over again. This drawing to rewire the brain, to engage personally with the world in creating ideas (or “eye-deas”) that work out better in pictures than they do in language – this is why I am going to draw everyday in November! (Matter of fact, it has a whole lot to do with why I want to create art in general – but this is about drawing.)

From the interview:

Drawing is the precision of thought – Henri Matisse

…drawing may be the most haunting obsession the mind can experience… – Paul Valery


One Response to “Why am I going to Draw?”

  1. Judy Says:

    I usually gather my pencils and paper before I begin to procrastinate but otherwise it sounds like the same process. Sometimes I even find inspiration in my wanderings

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