late night tequila

November 7, 2007

It’s late, or at least it feels that way. I’ve gotten to the age when I should only drink alcohol between 5pm and 7pm. It seems that now it only makes me sleepy if I have a drink too late in the evening. Ah youth, when I could “indulge” and still feel capable of a myriad of creative endeavors.


exquisite writing

November 6, 2007

I’ve been reading Spring in Fialta by Vladimir Nabokov. It’s a short story but it took forever to finish it. The writing is exquisite! I read, then re-read – savoring each syllable.

I wonder if any of his writings have been recorded on audio tapes?

slow cooking

November 5, 2007

Always a battle balancing spending time in the studio with getting things done around the house. Doing laundry and making chicken broth seemed like a manageable complement while I worked in the studio. I’ve got the laundry routine fairly well established. Throwing in making chicken broth gave me a headache. It didn’t take much to get it started and I felt blissfully domestic as the fragrant brew filled the air. But then the odor starting bothering me! Five hours after I started it, it was time to strain the broth and discard the bones and vegetables. It seems like there is a film of chicken fat everywhere. I hope the broth tastes wonderful or I’m back to the boxed organic chicken broth without guilt.

Themes for 2008

November 4, 2007

I’ve been working with monthly themes for a while now when considering what to make for my textile art pieces – I suppose it’s like a writing prompt. For this next year, I’m toying with the idea of a single word that I can use to inspire me across what media I choose to work in – textile art, drawing, photography, etc. I still need to work out some “hows” but at least for now I’m planning:

  • Jan – Transition
  • Feb – Gratitude
  • Mar – Simplicity
  • Apr – Authenticity
  • May – Order
  • Jun – Contentment
  • Jul – Harmony
  • Aug – Transformation
  • Sep – Beauty
  • Oct – Remembrance
  • Nov – Acceptance
  • Dec – Joy

being inspired…

November 3, 2007

I started looking through Sarah Simblet’s Sketchbook for the Artist this evening. Wow! I love the feel of the pages, her words, the illustration. She wrote –

“There are countless reasons for drawing. We should not try to know how every finished picture will look, but it is important to be clear why we are making it. Decide before you start whether you are drawing to warm up, or to discover the best use of a new material, to express the beauty in a moment’s play of light, conduct an experiment, make a calculation, shout against a terrible injustice, or illustrate a dream.”

I really find those statements very helpful. As I have been sketching these last few days, that judging little petty voice in the back of my mind kept whispering that the sketches weren’t good enough. Why was I making the drawings? – obviously to draw everyday for DrawMo!, but mostly to figure out what I needed to do to make a stamp… conduct an experiment. Putting it in perspective, indeed.

Deciding in advance why I’m drawing is one thing, putting in the hard work and discipline quite another. We’ll see where the journey takes me.

socialized all day long

November 2, 2007

Being an introvert I find ‘socializing’ at rather exhausting activity. Today was a marathon! My standing Friday morning breakfast (club) is something I enjoy and prepare myself for. It lasts, on average, three hours but we have been known to buy the table and stay until 3pm – sitting, eating breakfast, sitting, drinking coffee, sitting and hours of talk therapy. It really is a wonderful time. I managed it fine but the ‘socializing’ continued – Art Center members night, wine tasting, even stood in the grocery store talking with a friend for 45 minutes. Twelve hours of being engaged with people and I’m worn out. I managed a quick sketch for DrawMo! and am posting words where I’ve made commitments to do so (still socializing – just a different flavor!) I’ll need serious downtime this evening!

Making the most of November

November 1, 2007

November is NaBloPoMo and Drawmo! for me. Which translate to more time at the computer. Managing my time is going to be important. My main blog reside here and this wordpress blog has sat idle since last year. I’ve toyed with the idea of using this space as a sort of clearinghouse for various things I have going on – notes to self, reminder to-do, goals for assorted activities… a rambling artist daily pages if you will. Discipline to do it and maintain it – that’s the key.

NaBloPoMo has very cleverly engaged Ning to host the month long activities. All kinds of groups have sprouted and the sites abuzz with social networking. This morning there were 3675 member and tonight the NaBloPoMo member count is at 4598. I need to cull my gmail inbox already. It’s going to be interesting to see how this may impact other sites. In one group, they were singing the praises of Goodreads and from that post alone four new people joined Goodreads.

I have two new books to add to my Goodreads art-studio shelf, both be Sarah Simblet, Anatomy for the Artist and Sketchbook for the Artist (aka The Drawing Book in the UK.) I’ve been trying not to drool on the pages. They are stunning! I am in awe. Humbled, but not intimidated, and eager to spend more time drawing. It’s an odd feeling.

I’ve been reading a lot lately. With the youngest heading off to college last month I figured I’d have some extra time but it feels like I have more than I thought. I keep thinking I’m forgetting to do something but I’m meeting all my obligations and current with all activities. Feels good.