exquisite writing

November 6, 2007

I’ve been reading Spring in Fialta by Vladimir Nabokov. It’s a short story but it took forever to finish it. The writing is exquisite! I read, then re-read – savoring each syllable.

I wonder if any of his writings have been recorded on audio tapes?


One Response to “exquisite writing”

  1. S. P. Klein Says:

    The book “Lolita,” by Nabokov, is available on tape recorded by J. Irons.

    You can also get the following recordings at:
    Dates are dates of recording.

    Versions marked “112K” are larger and of better quality; “28.8K” files are smaller and are more suitable for transmission over the Internet if you are using a modem. The RealAudio player is available free from the RealAudio Web site.

    1. “The Ballad of Longwood Glen” (1964) [112K] [28.8K]
    2. “Exile” (1952) [112K] [28.8K]
    3. “A Literary Dinner” (1952) [112K] [28.8K]
    4. “The Refrigerator Awakes” (1952) [112K] [28.8K]
    5. “A Discovery” (1952) [112K] [28.8K]
    6. Prose excerpt from Pale Fire (1964) [112K] [28.8K]
    7. “Silentium” (by Fedor Tiutchev, 1946) [112K] [28.8K]
    8. “Exegi Monumentum” (by Alexandr Pushkin, 1946) [112K] [28.8K]

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