Menu for Week 05

January 30, 2008

My 8th week with – mpm2 with Laura’s I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Sunday: Pizza!

Monday: Baked Chicken, squash, Moroccan rice

Tuesday: Ravioli, lamb sausage and broccoli

Wednesday: Indian Food a la Trader Joe’s, rice and nan

Thursday: Lentil Soup and bread

Friday: Spinach Ricotta Pie and salad

Saturday: Meatloaf and twice-baked potatoes

Need to set aside time on Sunday to get this posted!


Wk 04

January 23, 2008

I’ve been scribbling my weekly review on scraps of paper and in notebooks for the last couple of weeks. Finally had a what-the-hell moment and decided that this space was the best place for it.

Wk 04: Jan18 – Jan 25

  1. Weekly collage: For wk04-08 carry over from previous weeks ‘orange, spiral, & grid’; Sketch ideas for next month theme Gratitude – five weeks.
  2. Finish Jan TIFC
  3. Page swap for Alis – Egypt theme
  4. Sketch ideas for Emmy’s page swap – Mandala theme
  5. Start January socks – get one sock of pair complete
  6. Knit two swatches
  7. Update Ravelry – SA
  8. Update Goodreads – make  read list for next several months
  9. Finish notes from Romancing the Ordinary and Mrs. Sharp’s Tradition.
  10. Review status of 101/1001 for both life & art
  11. Collect ideas for menu plans for wk05-09
  12. Send out thank you cards
  13. CMR: prep, check, breakfast
  14. Make no-rise bread
  15. Log-in and visit Cook’s Illustrated
  16. Finish setting up Google calendar
  17. Clean up RSS feeds
  18. Mail package
  19. Play with the tablet
  20. Catch up with correspondences

I’ve been keeping the with no more than 25 items and doing a final review every Friday morning. Gives me a chance after breakfast to finish up what ever I didn’t get to before I write out the new list Friday evening.

Menu for Week 04

January 22, 2008

My 7th week with – mpm2 with Laura’s I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Sunday: Pizza with football or is it, football with pizza?

Monday: Teriyaki Salmon, green beans, and rice

Tuesday: Smoked Turkey Chowder and bread

Wednesday: Lemon chicken, pasta, and roasted asparagus

Thursday: Spinach Ricotta Quiche and salad

Friday: Gruyere and basil quesadillas with stir-fried Brussels sprouts

Saturday: Lamb sausage, baked sweet potatoes with leeks and Gorgonzola, salad

I’m late posting this week. Having the menu online is helping me keep organized although I’m still relying heavily on scraps of paper and notes tucked in cookbooks. I still need to get more focused about getting the shopping list and shopping done in a more timely fashion!

Menu for Week 03

January 14, 2008

My 6th week with – mpm2 with Laura’s I’m an Organizing Junkie.

I had planned to make Lentil soup last Friday so that we could have it for dinner on Saturday. Didn’t. Instead we had Chicken Pad Thai on Saturday and I made soup for Sunday dinner.

Sunday: Lentil soup and bread.

Monday: Spinach Ricotta Pie and salad

Tuesday: Meatloaf, green beans, and baked potato

Wednesday: Leftover

Thursday: Grilled chicken with fettuccine with sun-dried tomatoes, salad

Friday: Hot & Sour soup

Saturday: Salmon en papillot, couscous and mixed vegetables, salad

On to other things!

Menu for Week 02

January 7, 2008

My 5th week with – mpm2 with Laura’s I’m an Organizing Junkie. This is a week for keeping it really simple!

Sunday: Chicken Curry and rice.

Monday: Leftovers

I am cleaning out the refrigerator – dinner will be whatever doesn’t get thrown out!

Tuesday: Teriyaki Salmon, green beans, and salad

Wednesday: Spinach Frittata and homemade bread

Thursday: Dinner out 😉

Friday: Fried Polenta with Italian sausage tomato sauce and salad

Saturday: Lentil Soup (yet again! will provide for many a lunchtime throughout the week!)