Finally… goals for 2008!

December 29, 2007

It’s a little wordy but I do believe I’ve captured my FiberArt, Knitting & Crochet, and Drawing/Painting/Photography goals for 2008!


1. Journal Quilts & Take it Further Challenge

I’m participating in SharonB‘s Take it Further Challenge this year. The challenge will run all year and aims to apply textile technique skills to design. I’m not yet sure how I will explore the challenge for each month but I am committed to have a Journal Quilt as the final design project.

2. Weekly collage & Figments

A few weeks ago I decided on the following words for the monthly themes for my weekly collage quilts – Transition, Gratitude, Simplicity, Authenticity, Order, Contentment, Harmony, Transformation, Beauty, Remembrance, Acceptance, Joy (in order January through December, respectfully.) I have decided not to finish the edges and not set a predetermined size. My goal is to “reuse” the weekly pieces in other projects throughout the year (or years to come!)
Each week I am also planning to work on figments – (by definition: something invented, made up or fabricated) and collect them in a sketchbook (a la Kay Greenlees). I’ve been wanting to be more disciplined and get in the habit of recording my ideas and technique samples. This year is as good as any!

3. Quilting projects

This year I’m going to make at least six pieces that are larger than six square feet. I haven’t worked out the specifics yet except the first piece “Icarus,” scheduled for completion by the end of Feb.

4. Swaps & local quilt/textile groups

Finish the swaps I’m currently committed to: Swap pages (Jan, Feb) & Birthday postcards (Feb-2,Mar-1,Apr-1,Jun-1,Aug-1) and participate in a select few throughout the year.
Locally, I’ve committed, each month, to explore a textile techniques with a group of fiber artist… should be lots of fun and hours of work.

5. PIF & gifts

I’m planning to make gifts for family and friends this year, primarily for birthdays and Christmas. I am determined to start and finish early!!!!
PIF: I like the idea of Pay it Forward so I’m planning on offering a PIF again in the fall of 2008. I also need to complete and mail 2007 PIF.

6. WIP: TAST & UFO’s

The dreaded unfinished! This year, I’m committed to finishing the unfinished or moving it on! I still want to finish TAST. The rest… look at, make a decision and take action. I’m planning to have this all resolved before summer.

7. Misc projects: art dolls, fabric journals, mixed media projects

Art Dolls and fabric journals have been on various lists of mine throughout the years. I’m setting a goal this year to do five each.
Mixed Media projects – I enjoy the “stuff” in Cloth Paper Scissor and the work of Beryl Taylor. This year, my goal is to make at least six projects.

8. Textile decoration: dye fabric, surface design, art cloth, embellish
9. Maintain sketchbook
10. Inventory, photograph, and catalog all finished pieces.

Knit & crochet…

I blame Ravelry for this! Most years I’ve oohed and aahed over things I thought would be fun to make or try to make. Joining Ravelry started me thinking about yarns and patterns. Knitting is an activity that I can take anywhere and I do find it relaxing. It also appeals to me as an activity because it fits in with the “Zen-like” quietness that I’ve been searching for. (Beading is like that, too.) Okay, for 2008…
1. Knit a pair of socks a month
2. Knit 3 projects from Cat Bordhi’s A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting.
3. Knit these from Knitty: Branching Out; Tiffany; Venezia; Ice Queen; Muir.
4. Knit a couple of “Fair Isle Pillows”.
5. Crochet a couple of bowls and felt them.
6. Finish or frog any WIP started before 2008.
7. Organize existing stash and needles.
8. Make swatches of patterns I like.
9. Crochet a bag using recycled plastic bags
10. Participate in 2008 Knitting Olympics


  1. EDM weekly Challenge
  2. structured study
  3. Work with pen tablet
  4. Madme
  5. DrawMo! in November
  6. “Photography” – practice, study, play

Okay, on my mark, get set , go….