late night tequila

November 7, 2007

It’s late, or at least it feels that way. I’ve gotten to the age when I should only drink alcohol between 5pm and 7pm. It seems that now it only makes me sleepy if I have a drink too late in the evening. Ah youth, when I could “indulge” and still feel capable of a myriad of creative endeavors.


slow cooking

November 5, 2007

Always a battle balancing spending time in the studio with getting things done around the house. Doing laundry and making chicken broth seemed like a manageable complement while I worked in the studio. I’ve got the laundry routine fairly well established. Throwing in making chicken broth gave me a headache. It didn’t take much to get it started and I felt blissfully domestic as the fragrant brew filled the air. But then the odor starting bothering me! Five hours after I started it, it was time to strain the broth and discard the bones and vegetables. It seems like there is a film of chicken fat everywhere. I hope the broth tastes wonderful or I’m back to the boxed organic chicken broth without guilt.

socialized all day long

November 2, 2007

Being an introvert I find ‘socializing’ at rather exhausting activity. Today was a marathon! My standing Friday morning breakfast (club) is something I enjoy and prepare myself for. It lasts, on average, three hours but we have been known to buy the table and stay until 3pm – sitting, eating breakfast, sitting, drinking coffee, sitting and hours of talk therapy. It really is a wonderful time. I managed it fine but the ‘socializing’ continued – Art Center members night, wine tasting, even stood in the grocery store talking with a friend for 45 minutes. Twelve hours of being engaged with people and I’m worn out. I managed a quick sketch for DrawMo! and am posting words where I’ve made commitments to do so (still socializing – just a different flavor!) I’ll need serious downtime this evening!