January 13, 2009

My last post here was nearly six months ago. I like this blog space as a vehicle to work the “how” of what I’m trying to accomplish now – not the like the show-and-tell  space over at blogger.  Maybe it will evolve as I get more familiar with wordpress and work out my stuff. In the meantime, short week as this Friday marks the end of week 3 for this new year and I’m back to doing my Weekly Review 03:

  1. Weekly collage: Three left for this month.  My theme for the year is writing systems and for this first month I’ve focused on the Chinese script. Get this week’s done by Thursday
  2. Stitch Explorer Challenge starts thursday. What am I going to do, how… figure it out.
  3. Knitting: Start a new pair of socks.
  4. Figure out what level of involvement I want and how much time to give to these Social Networks online: Ravelry, GoodReads, Stitching Finger, Fiberarts/mixed media, other(?)
  5. Review status of 101 in 1001 – both life and art – been doing lots, just need to update (hopefully I kept the focus!) … and look at 2008 Goals – what I did and if I want to update with 2009 Goals.
  6. Quick review of those necessary domestic arts. Check menu planning and household chore schedule. Figure out remaining household maintenance projects for January and get NextAction steps  – pass along to Dave where necessary.
  7. Update Flickr.
  8. I’m trying to finish up The Vigorous Mind and Hot, Flat, and Crowded this week. Look online and reserve books for February read. Pick up book on hold at the library for read during last two weeks of the month.
  9. “Play” with EQ6 and Dear Jane – get familiar with how to make it work for me.
  10. Continue with my 20/20 curiculum and get the excel spreadsheet set up so that it is more useful.




July 26, 2008

It’s time to face the truth. I’ve neglected this blog for some time now and as a result haven’t been keeping track of where I am to my goals. My weekly reviews returned to random scraps of paper strewn both at my desk upstairs as well as in the studio. It seems the top of the “list” gets attention but clearly many things that I thought I was going to maintain have fallen by the wayside. I still want to do it all but haven’t managed the discipline. So… no time like the present to get back to it. (It helps that the husband is gone for the week – my time’s my own!)

Where to start? This morning marks the beginning of week 31. Might as well get the Weekly Review written:

  1. Weekly collage: I still need to quilt the last “Harmony” piece for July then research/sketch some ideas for the five weeks of August – theme is “Transformation.”
  2. TIF Challenge: Lots left to do for July – quilt, add grid lines, brainstorm 55 charm ideas, finish it! (I’ve not been a very good community member… I need to update June’s Flickr, group blog, and Ning)
  3. Socks: oops and double ouch – I’ve all but abandoned my knitting. I do want to return to it, just need to start and finish – Anklet (April), Knitty pattern (May), Fair Isle (June), Lace (July).
  4. Update Ravelry and decide what I’ll do for Beijing Knitting Olympics (if anything?)
  5. Update GoodReads… and figure out how I make it more useful for me and what I want out of it. I am seriously behind with my reading! Pick two (or three) books to finish and do it. Make a list for August.
  6. Review status of 101 in 1001 – both life and art. And review my 2008 Goals. (These review WILL generate a couple of dozen ‘todo’ items!)
  7. Continue to work out menu plans through August.  Publishing the menu here doesn’t serve me well.  I want to figure out how to make Blogspot work for recipes, pictures, menus, and cooking related. (Re-visit Cook’s Illustrated online and see what’s new.)
  8. Household management seems to be working well. Routine has been important and keeping up with chores has been key. The studio is on the schedule this week and I’m also going to be working in the office.
  9. Paperwork, etc: Take care of correspondence (rsvp, send wedding gift, emails)
  10. Set up a Italian study plan and get music/Netflix for La Traviata.

This should get me started!

Wk 04

January 23, 2008

I’ve been scribbling my weekly review on scraps of paper and in notebooks for the last couple of weeks. Finally had a what-the-hell moment and decided that this space was the best place for it.

Wk 04: Jan18 – Jan 25

  1. Weekly collage: For wk04-08 carry over from previous weeks ‘orange, spiral, & grid’; Sketch ideas for next month theme Gratitude – five weeks.
  2. Finish Jan TIFC
  3. Page swap for Alis – Egypt theme
  4. Sketch ideas for Emmy’s page swap – Mandala theme
  5. Start January socks – get one sock of pair complete
  6. Knit two swatches
  7. Update Ravelry – SA
  8. Update Goodreads – make  read list for next several months
  9. Finish notes from Romancing the Ordinary and Mrs. Sharp’s Tradition.
  10. Review status of 101/1001 for both life & art
  11. Collect ideas for menu plans for wk05-09
  12. Send out thank you cards
  13. CMR: prep, check, breakfast
  14. Make no-rise bread
  15. Log-in and visit Cook’s Illustrated
  16. Finish setting up Google calendar
  17. Clean up RSS feeds
  18. Mail package
  19. Play with the tablet
  20. Catch up with correspondences

I’ve been keeping the with no more than 25 items and doing a final review every Friday morning. Gives me a chance after breakfast to finish up what ever I didn’t get to before I write out the new list Friday evening.